Accumulatus has 2 editions - Personal Edition And Site Edition. Site Edition has all the features enabled while Personal Edition has Limited Functionality.

The Site Edition of Accumulatus is a network program for Windows Server 2012. Each workstation will install a runtime program, while the main Accumulatus program and data files reside on the network server. Multiple users can view and add items at the same time. Data conversion service is included in purchase price of Site Edition. The Personal Edition of Accumulatus is a program for Windows 10/8/7. Registration is required. All registered users receive free email support.

Feature Matrix


Personal Edition


Site Edition





Remove “Trial Version Reminder” Screen

Enable Photo Album and Rich List Printing

Enable Output to PDF/HTML

Enhanced Image Viewer for PDFs/Photos

BackUp Accumulatus to Disk Function

User Name and Password Security

Upload BackUp and Individual Files To FTP Site

Web Search Interface

Data Conversion

Multi-workstation access on a network

Data conversion If you already have collection data in another software database, it can easily be converted and imported into Accumulatus. This would save you a lot of time and effort in a rekeying project. Just send us a copy of your data and any information you have about the files and table formats. You can send the data by thumb disk, a file transfer site like Dropbox.

In the past, we have converted data from the following formats – mySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Excel, Foxpro, Filemaker, Access, and more. Please contact btaylor@Accumulatus.com for more information. Data conversion service for one database is included free with purchase of Site license.

Site Edition $349