System Requirements

Operating System - Microsoft Windows Windows 7/8/10.

• Most any processor purchased in the last five years.
• 2 Gb RAM preferred, .5 Gb RAM minimum.
• ~ 280 Mb disk space for Accumulatus installation.
• 1024x768 minimum screen resolution.


The Site Edition of Accumulatus (see Buy for more information) is a network program for Windows Server 2003/2008. Each workstation will install a runtime program, while the main Accumulatus program and data files reside on the network server. Multiple users can research and add specimens at the same time. Each workstation user will need read/write/delete/add rights to the server folder where Accumulatus resides.

Trial Version

The Accumulatus trial version is fully functional for 30-days from installation. At the end of the 30-day period, without a valid registration key, some printing options are disabled. Go to Buy for information on how to receive a Personal license or a Site license.


If purchased during daily business hours (9am-5pm EST), you should receive your registration key by e-mail within 24 hours. If you have not received it within this time, please contact Sales@Accumulatus.com

Input Registration Key

Once you have received your registration key by e-mail, in Accumulatus, under the Help Menu, select About & Registration Information. Copy the registration key from your e-mail and then paste it into the registration number field and click ok.

Input Special Character

To enter the degree symbol ° for latitude and longitude, hold down your ALT key and enter 0176 and then release the ALT key.

Program ShortCut

If the installation does not create a ShortCut on the desktop, go to c:\program files\Accumulatus\Accumulatus.Exe, right click, Send To Desktop (create shortcut).

Methods Of Payment

Aslan Enterprises accepts credit card payments through PayPal. All funds must be in US dollars. If you have special billing needs, please contact Sales@Accumulatus.com.


Backup your Accumulatus directory, all it's subdirectories, and all it's files on a regular basis. Backups can be made on:

• external, portable harddrives.
• flash drives.
• writable CD/DVDs.
• "cloud-based" services such as Mozy, Dropbox, or Carbonite.

Regardless of what media is chosen for your backups, backups should be consistently and reliably done, and available (when needed). Registered users also get access to a BackUp and Restore procedure which backs up all of Accumulatus and Site users can upload files to our FTP site for web development/technical support

Error #111 - Cannot Update the Cursor IRFVON, since it is read only.

In Windows explorer, go to the c:\program files\Accumulatus folder and right click on it, select properties and click on Read Only and then Apply. Then click on OK to “ Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files”. If this does not correct the problem, refer also to Install Problems for more information.

Install Problems

Install problems can be caused by anti-virus and security programs like Norton Security Suite and McAfee Total Protection. Before you install Accumulatus, temporarily disable these programs to allow the install process to occur without interference. Once the install program is complete, re-enable your anti-virus and security program.