Report Format #1

Single Item Detail Sheet - Natural History [...]

Report Format #2

Single Item Photo Sheet - Natural History [...]

Report Format #3

Simple List - Natural History [...]

Report Format #4

Rich List - Natural History [...]

Screenshot Examples

Main Item Screen
Item status is flagged on each screen - "In Storage", "On Exhibit", "On Loan", or "Sold". Common fields for items include type, collection and acquisition dates, description, where collected, collected by, prepared by, identified by, condition, classification, note field, web source, location, weight, height, length, and more.

Media Screen
Attach up to 6 photos (JPG), one video (MPG), one audio (MP3), and one document (PDF) per item. Enhanced Image Viewer (for registered users only) allows viewing, zooming, and printing of individual photos and PDFs.

Browse & LookUp
Browse and search or sort by catalog id, system-assigned record number, description, discipline classification or location. Search screen distinguishes between "In Storage", "On Exhibit", "On Loan", or "Sold" for quick identification of item's status.

Specifc Data Screens
Separate screens for each item group - Natural History, Art, History, Geology, Archaeology, Anthropology and Media/Archive - with appropriate data fields for each group. See features list for description of validated authority list lookups for Natural History and Geology.